Thursday, 28 August 2014

Moulin Roty Mademoiselle et Ribambelle range of nursery toys & accessories

A few weeks ago I promised a full introduction to the newest Moulin Roty range and I have finally found a bit of time to put a post together, and so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, rabbits and mice, otters and owls... [drum roll please]... I present to you:

 Moulin Roty's Mademoiselle et Ribambelle!

A new nursery range - introduced summer 2014 and featuring the following main characters:

Cat - Mademoisell
Rabbit - Monsieur Lapin
Mouse - Mademoiselle Souris
Otter- Monsieur Loutre
Owl - Madame Chouette

Colour scheme: powder pink, grey, a soft steely blue and 'pops' of vibrant yellow

As with most of their nursery selection, the range includes soft toys, soft rattles, flat cuddly comforters,soft musicals and various nursery accessories - I have put together a couple of images below showing the entire range:

Visit our shop for more details and to place an order. I do not have everything in stock but if you see something you like here which isn't on the website, just drop me an email at and I can probably order it for you from France.

Apple harvest with the Moulin Roty Grand Family

I've just added a lovely new jigsaw puzzle to the website - a chunky 30 piece puzzle featuring some of the Grand Family busy in the garden. You can see it here.

Plus all members of the Grand Family are available to buy on the website, should you need a small friendly workforce to help with any harvesting. 

Harvest puzzle £14, 30cm soft toys £20

Amedee & Jeanne make a great apple-picking team

Also handy in an apple tree is Lucy Owl, £25