Tuesday, 16 September 2014

La Petit Armoire - Moulin Roty's little wardrobe

One of the loveliest things I sell at Cottontails, this is The Grand Family 'Petit Armoire' from Moulin Roty - and I feel it deserves a post of its own for many reasons...

For starters I think it is probably my best selling, most profitable item since I opened Cottontails Baby, 11 years ago. It always sold well, but when it featured in The Guardian's Christmas Guide in 2012, sales rocketed.

It's a charming thing. A sort of shoe-box sized toy, including sturdy 'wardrobe', two 20cm soft toys and a range of clothes.

The box is just lovely, made from a very sturdy card, with metal clasp and handle, and a wooden clothes rail inside. And it is beautifully decorated both inside and out.

The two little characters inside will be familiar to any serious Moulin Roty fans - Nini mouse and Sylvain rabbit are two of the best selling animals from the Grand Family range.

A whole set of little clothes (and hangers) complete the set.

Finally, here is what one of my customers emailed me about it, it made me smile:

"I love Cottontails and bought my Granddaughter the Moulin Roty wardrobe with Mouse and rabbit... She is very into her 'shoppings' at the moment... but I have played with the wardrobe more than she has! She will learn to love it I am sure and if not I love it already! She insists that rabbits and mice shouldn't wear clothes and undresses them each time she visits and puts all the clothes in the wardrobe drawer... When she goes home I redress the toys in a different outfit, so therapeutic... I think I should probably get out more!" - Lynn T

So you see, it's not just for children!

Available on the website here:  Moulin Roty Bunny & Mouse Little Wardrobe


Bumpkin Hill said...

Well I think it sounds great fun too :) Catherine x

Sue said...

Never mind selling this for children, I could play with it for hours :-)