Tuesday, 9 September 2014

We have an office mouse

 We have an office mouse.

This is not necessarily good news. I love mice - and I smile every time I see him scoot across the office - but I am a little bit worried about nibbling, nesting and so on.

He appeared for the first time last week.

I was sitting at my desk, typing away and adding new stock when something streaked across the floor and caught my eye. At first I thought 'spider!' and was all set to run, and then 'it' appeared again. Tiny brown and whiskery.

He ran straight in front of Rudolph who didn't bat an eyelash.

And then he seemed to be everywhere at once - up the curtains, on the shelves, behind things, under things, on things.

Can you spot him? Sitting on the delivery bags under the counter...

I left the door open hoping he might disappear - he spent long minutes sitting on the door step, but always opted to run back in.

Since then he has appeared every day around lunchtime and scooted around for a bit. I *think* he is living behind the boiler in the kitchen and I close him in there at night. I am hoping he is not actually sleeping in a pile of expensive toys, shredding them nicely to furnish a soft bed.

Insurance documents. Just in case.

If necessary I will create / buy some kind of humane 'mouse-catcher' and rehome him, but I am kind of hoping he may just scamper away in search of a mate one day. And I do kind of like having him around...

 Maybe he's heard about the new Maileg mouse house coming in soon...?

Oh and this is not the first time we have had a 'mouse situation' at Cottontails. Read about the last occasion here - back when I was working in the garden office. 

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