Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Top Five Favourites for Easter - cards

Nice and simple, this collection (and a bit less random than the last post!) - a selection of cards, suitable for Easter and spring.

Mainly Maileg bunny cards (which are just lovely, single postcard style with scalloped edges and pretty envelopes) but also a few others - details underneath.

a. Maileg dress up bunny cards - available from me in the Cottontails Cards & Ribbon section

b. A Kate Wyatt mouse card, one of her new spring designs. I love her work - she does a lot of hares and mice. Lovely, lovely stuff.

c. More Maileg bunnies.... also available from me in the Cards & Ribbon section

d. Bunny with a Trug from Catherine at Bumpkin Hill... this is Rudolph's favourite card !

e. And finally Easter wouldn't be Easter without an appearance from Beatrix Potter. Jemima Puddleduck minicard (and other characters) are available from me, also in the Cards & Ribbon section.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Top Five Favourites for Easter - 'Nice Things'

(Given the title of this blog, I am wondering if I ought to assemble a Top Five 'Nasty Things' for Easter... ha ha... am thinking plastic and cheap chocolate. It probably wouldn't be that hard...)

Anyway, I have more sensible collections to come - cards, toys and so on - but this little collection is so random I've just called it 'nice things'.

So here we have the Top Five Nice Things for Easter.

 a. Fabric wall stickers from Love Mae - they're the bees knees of wall stickers and I am thinking about stocking them in the future...

b. This makes me smile sooo much. It's a 'Flat Pet' rabbit! Flat by nature (it's 2D) and designed to live in a flat (i.e. they're flat pets if you can't have real ones because you live in a flat.. get it..?) Anyway - this little chap looks so much like Rudolph. He would be a lot less troublesome too. You can buy him (and other Flat Pets - here at Garudio Studiage

c. Jane Hogben pottery mug. She makes the loveliest mugs and you can see them all here - many other creatures available, all of them tiny and sweet.

d. I'm sure you all recognise this one - Maileg bunny, available from me.... This is Charlotte Bunny, she is available here.

e. Beautiful notebook with removable cover from Peony & Sage.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Top Five Favourites for Easter - Wearables

You know that sinking feeling when you wake up on Easter Sunday and realise you don't have a THING to wear?

This year plan ahead and fill the wardrobe with Easter-appropriate clothing!

a. Bunny dress up kit from Sew Heart Felt

b. Lola bunny rabbit slippers - from 0-6m and available from me! See them here - Lola Slippers

c. Little bunny brooch from Just Trade - hand crocheted in Peru and presented on a little 'Garden Helpers' gift card. Would make a lovely Easter gift too...

d. Baby cord bunny dress from Wild Things Dresses- available in sizes from 6m up to 7y

e. For the craftier folks out there, make your own Easter clothing using this lovely bunny fabric from Bumpkin Hill

Monday, 23 March 2015

Top Five Favourites for Easter - Cushions

You may remember I had asked Rudolph to put together a bit of a marketing plan for Easter?

Well he's come up trumps with a series of keep-it-simple 'Top Five Favourites' for Easter.  (Basically just an excuse for me him to trawl the internet looking for nice rabbity things.)

So, between now and Easter look out for posts on our Top Five things on an Easter theme - toys, decorations, gifts, books, websites, crafts and more.

And to kick us off, here are our Top Five Eastery Cushions.

Well, why not?

Who says we should have eggs on Easter Sunday and not cushions? Or even better, sit on your new cushion eating your chocolate egg.

a. From Belle & Boo - oodles of lovely children's accessories. I have this cushion. I am sitting on it as I type!

b. Available in various shops, I found it here on Not on the High Street

c. From me at Cottontails- SURELY the best cushion of the lot!

d & e. From Peony & Sage - heavenly fabrics and interiors shop. I have curtains made in some of their bee fabrics. (Mike wouldn't let me have rabbits. Apparently he 'has a limit')

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Little Rabbit practices yoga

Little rabbit has spotted a poster on the edge of the warren.

Hmm, a new yoga class. "Stretch your body and ears", "Relaxation techniques for prey animals".  This sounds good she thinks, and books herself a place on the class.

On the day of the class the bunnies begin to assemble. Everyone brings a mat and some bunnies even have special yoga clothes.  Little Rabbit arrives with her new yoga mat and says hello to the other yogi bunnies.

Before the class begins, the teacher bunny explains that the key to a successful yoga practice is in the breathing. She encourages the bunnies to breathe slowly and gently through their noses - and to keep nose twitching to a minimum throughout the practice.

She also assures the bunnies that they will not be practicing Cat Posture, as this has been known to send all but the most experienced yogi bunnies into a bit of a panic. 

 The class begins with some gentle stretching
(don't worry about Little Rabbit on the left there, she was just inspecting the floor for a minute)

Next the bunnies come into Dandasana, or staff pose. 
"Point your toes and ears to the sky, bunnies!"

Trikonasana, or Triangle, is no problem for such tall dangly rabbits

And then into Paschimottanasana or forward fold.
The bunnies practice feeling their breath move up and down their spine.

And finally a lovely back bend - Camel Pose is ideal for bunnies who spend their days hunched over their hay and carrots.
"Draw up your pelvic floor and engage your abdominal muscles, bunnies!"

With the more strenuous part of the class over, the bunnies stretch out into into Savasana for a guided relaxation.

"Imagine your ears are melting into the floor...."

And finally the teacher settles them into a comfortable seated position before leading a a few rounds of Nadi Shodhana, or Alternate Ear Breathing -  to balance their energies.

"Visualise the energy in your right ear...."

At the very end of the class the teacher bunny asks if there are any questions and recommends a classic yoga text for any rabbits wanting to deepen their understanding of this ancient practice.

Little Rabbit enjoyed her first yoga class very much. She has made some new friends, is lovely and stretched, and feels more peaceful and relaxed than she has in a long time. She will be back next week for more!

Should you wish to set up your own rabbit yoga class, all yogi bunnies, plus yoga mats and clothes are available on the website here: Maileg yoga bunnies and clothes. 

And if you live in Herefordshire and fancy trying the real thing, come along to The Inner Place in Ledbury - it's where I practice yoga and is a lovely tranquil space.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mr Mouse and the gift of housework

Mr Mouse has bought something for Mrs Mouse.

In the recent past his presents have included a Cadbury Creme Egg for tea, and a lovely bunch of snowdrops on Valentines's Day.

 What has he bought her this time?

 Mrs Mouse is very excited

Mrs Mouse is not so sure if she's excited any more

 Mr Mouse has bought her a hoover! 

 And now here he comes with a carpet from the Mouse House

 Ah, but Mr Mouse, ever the gent, is doing the vacuuming himself.
He really is the perfect partner.

If you would like to buy a vacuum cleaner for your mice, they are available on the website here at only £5. Cheaper than Argos for your domestic appliances!