Monday, 23 March 2015

Top Five Favourites for Easter - Cushions

You may remember I had asked Rudolph to put together a bit of a marketing plan for Easter?

Well he's come up trumps with a series of keep-it-simple 'Top Five Favourites' for Easter.  (Basically just an excuse for me him to trawl the internet looking for nice rabbity things.)

So, between now and Easter look out for posts on our Top Five things on an Easter theme - toys, decorations, gifts, books, websites, crafts and more.

And to kick us off, here are our Top Five Eastery Cushions.

Well, why not?

Who says we should have eggs on Easter Sunday and not cushions? Or even better, sit on your new cushion eating your chocolate egg.

a. From Belle & Boo - oodles of lovely children's accessories. I have this cushion. I am sitting on it as I type!

b. Available in various shops, I found it here on Not on the High Street

c. From me at Cottontails- SURELY the best cushion of the lot!

d & e. From Peony & Sage - heavenly fabrics and interiors shop. I have curtains made in some of their bee fabrics. (Mike wouldn't let me have rabbits. Apparently he 'has a limit')


Bumpkin Hill said...

Well I would actually rather have any of these cushions than chocolate! Sweet collection. Catherine x

Charlotte said...

Thanks Catherine - I know they're gorgeous aren't they!