Monday, 30 March 2015

Top Five Favourites for Easter - 'Nice Things'

(Given the title of this blog, I am wondering if I ought to assemble a Top Five 'Nasty Things' for Easter... ha ha... am thinking plastic and cheap chocolate. It probably wouldn't be that hard...)

Anyway, I have more sensible collections to come - cards, toys and so on - but this little collection is so random I've just called it 'nice things'.

So here we have the Top Five Nice Things for Easter.

 a. Fabric wall stickers from Love Mae - they're the bees knees of wall stickers and I am thinking about stocking them in the future...

b. This makes me smile sooo much. It's a 'Flat Pet' rabbit! Flat by nature (it's 2D) and designed to live in a flat (i.e. they're flat pets if you can't have real ones because you live in a flat.. get it..?) Anyway - this little chap looks so much like Rudolph. He would be a lot less troublesome too. You can buy him (and other Flat Pets - here at Garudio Studiage

c. Jane Hogben pottery mug. She makes the loveliest mugs and you can see them all here - many other creatures available, all of them tiny and sweet.

d. I'm sure you all recognise this one - Maileg bunny, available from me.... This is Charlotte Bunny, she is available here.

e. Beautiful notebook with removable cover from Peony & Sage.

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