Thursday, 30 April 2015

Win your own Flora Fox!


Oh I really am hopeless - sorry to take so long to sort out a winner.

The entry that really raised a smile - it hit the nail on the head really in its simplicity is this one:

"I would let her settle in, and then cook her a tasty roast chicken dinner!"

So congratulations to JudyPam!

Please email me with your address and I will get Flora ready for her journey. You'd better order that chicken!


Meet Flora.

She is a member of our lovely range of Hazel Village animals.She loves ballet and whittling projects, according to the little back story on the card around her neck.

And you can win your own Flora Fox!

To enter, simply by leaving a comment on the blog here, telling me how you would look after her on her first night in your care. For example:

"I would unpack her and let her have a nice rest on the sofa"

"I would take her out to the ballet because she loves that kind of thing"

"I would cook her a nice roast dinner"

You get the idea.

I will then ask her what she fancies doing the most, and together we'll choose a winner... closing date is Midnight Thursday 8th May, so I'll try and pick a winner on Friday 9th.

Visit the rest of the Hazel Villagers on the website here. Charming, quirky and ethically made, each little animal comes a 'back story' written on a little card around his or her neck.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Maileg Bunnies on A Flower Treasure Hunt

This Easter I was planning to organise a bit of a treasure hunt for the bunnies. But, as with most of my plans, it didn't really happen.

BUT I did pop outside with  Oscar and Charlotte and we went on a bit of a flower hunt.

I think it's quite a nice idea actually - just to see how many different flowers there are.

So, photos below of our Flower Hunt... Can you identify any of them....?

(And please forgive the messy garden - Alan Titchmarsh I am not...)

Oscar and Charlotte all set for the Flower Hunt. No nibbling, bunnies!

 Ah yes, we know this one. 
Lovely display of containers don't you think. So neat & tidy.

 Oscar and I have idea what this pretty little blue flower is. 
Stinging nettle's coming along nicely though...

A spring classic!

 Oscar recognises this one in the woody bit of the garden

This was my favourite and I could only find one this colour. Isn't it pretty?

No idea what this is, but there's lots of it carpeting the garden. 
Please don't say it's a weed.

 And finally, another mystery to me and Oscar... any ideas, anyone?

If you would like a Charlotte or Oscar of your own to "help" in the garden they are available on the website here. With their help you too could have a garden as perfect as mine!