Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Maileg Bunnies on A Flower Treasure Hunt

This Easter I was planning to organise a bit of a treasure hunt for the bunnies. But, as with most of my plans, it didn't really happen.

BUT I did pop outside with  Oscar and Charlotte and we went on a bit of a flower hunt.

I think it's quite a nice idea actually - just to see how many different flowers there are.

So, photos below of our Flower Hunt... Can you identify any of them....?

(And please forgive the messy garden - Alan Titchmarsh I am not...)

Oscar and Charlotte all set for the Flower Hunt. No nibbling, bunnies!

 Ah yes, we know this one. 
Lovely display of containers don't you think. So neat & tidy.

 Oscar and I have idea what this pretty little blue flower is. 
Stinging nettle's coming along nicely though...

A spring classic!

 Oscar recognises this one in the woody bit of the garden

This was my favourite and I could only find one this colour. Isn't it pretty?

No idea what this is, but there's lots of it carpeting the garden. 
Please don't say it's a weed.

 And finally, another mystery to me and Oscar... any ideas, anyone?

If you would like a Charlotte or Oscar of your own to "help" in the garden they are available on the website here. With their help you too could have a garden as perfect as mine!


Crafty Green Poet said...

What alovely idea and beautiful photos! The mystery yellow flower is lesser celandine, one of the stars of spring. it's only a weed if you don't want it to be there. The nystery plant with blue and pink flowers is i think borage, which has quite a lot of medicial uses, I think, The last photo is a mystery to me too, sorry!

Unknown said...