Thursday, 11 June 2015

Just Trade jewellery - and why I had to order some for Cottontails

Cottontails Baby is a toy shop. It's not a jewellery shop. I shouldn't really be stocking jewellery. But...

I just couldn't resist! And anyway, this is hardly fine-delicate-jewellery-shop-type jewellery - these are sweet, funny, quirky little pieces, and in that sense they fit on pretty well at Cottontails.

I have admired Just Trade jewellery for years now, smiling whenever I wandered past their stand at trade fairs or their brochure dropped into my inbox.  I even have a rabbit necklace of my own from them. And what is more, Laura at Just Trade has rabbits of her own - a kindred spirit!

So after years of admiring from afar, I have just placed a little order. Just a few things...
I am starting with a couple of veggie and flower brooches, a crochet guinea pig and rabbit, a rabbit pendant carved from a nut - oh and a couple of hand knitted baby things. You can see them all on the website here.

They're all adorable, and if my customers like these there are lots more little creatures and brooches I can stock. And if they don't sell, I will be wearing lovely crochet things myself.*

Win win!

What is more - and as the name implies - Just Trade is not just another gift company. It is a small, ethical, fair trade project. It has real heart. Each range they produce has a story behind it involving real people, and real change in people's lives.

So if you are looking for quirky little gifts that make a difference, choose a Just Trade brooch from Cottontails. In doing so you'll be supporting two independent businesses and a fair trade project. That has to be better than buying something mass produced on the high street...

Oh one last thing - I read a lovely customer review on the Just Trade webiste for the bunny brooch. It made me smile because it's the kind of thing my customers write - only I don't get many male customers. But here it is... what a star this husband and dad is!

 "Bought two of these at Easter - one for my wife and one for my 2 year old daughter. And made my two ladies very happy indeed. Such a perfect little gift. Really great quality, funny, durable (if they get left on for a wash by accident!), and very sweet design. I think the Just Trade broaches are a really special way to let someone know you're thinking of them."

(*Although I'm going to struggle to get into the 0-3m hat and booties set...)

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