Monday, 22 June 2015

Little Sprig Maileg Mouse goes Grocery Shopping

Oh no! Little Sprig mouse has run out of food....

 Little Sprig: hungry

Time for a trip to the village shop...

Mr Mouse is working behind the counter today - Hello Mr Mouse!

 Mr Mouse: working hard 

 Little Sprig browses the shelves. There are lots of things to choose from.

She bumps into Charlotte Rabbit, who is choosing some carrots for supper. Hello Charlotte Rabbit!

 Charlotte Rabbit: selecting carrots.

Little Sprig chooses some bread and cheese to make a nice lunch for herself.

On her way to the counter she nearly picks up some pretzels. (Mr Mouse has merchandised them right in front of the till, to try and and encourage an impulse purchase... but she resists)

No pretzels today = willpower

 Mr Mouse rings up the bread the cheese in the till, and puts them into a bag for Little Sprig.

Mr Mouse makes a sale 

 He even thows in a free leek for Little Sprig!

And Little Sprig takes them home for a delicious lunch!

 Little Sprig - bread and cheese for lunch!


If you would like to recreate your own retail experience the following items are all available to buy...

1. Little Sprig Mouse - £12 
2. Mr Mouse in a matchbox ('the shopkeeper) - £20
3. Grocery Box from Maileg - £20
4. Maileg pretzel decorations - £14 £5
5. Fabric Vegetables from Maileg - £11.50 
6. Maileg tiny paper basket - 75p 

Oops, forgot to put Charlotte Rabbit into the picture. Here she is. 
Maileg Charlotte Rabbit - £25.

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