Monday, 27 July 2015

Cottontails goes to the Royal Welsh Show

Last week I left Rudolph in charge of the office and took myself off to the Royal Welsh agricultural show.

Now, I'm probably not your typical show-goer - I glared at the Countryside Alliance stand, sought out pretty much the only veggie food stand there (LOVELY veggie platter from the Welsh Creperie) and actively avoided the 'fur and feather' area as I can't stand to see show rabbits in tiny cages.

BUT as regular readers might know, I have a couple of goats and and I just LOVE to visit the goat stand. And as a member of my local goat club I know just how well the show goats are loved and cared for - many of the owners actually camp beside their goats for the five day show to keep them safe and sound. As someone who doesn't camp under any circumstance, this, to me, equals extreme dedication.

So off I went to the show, and of course  I took my camera and managed to capture a few pictures...

First I called in to see the pigs:

 This Danish beauty took 'best of breed' in the Maileg class - you can buy her offspring here

Then off to the sheep, where I was lucky enough to see some judging taking place...

This fine sheep went on to take first prize in his class - the judge was very 
taken with his soft fleece and 'line of his ears'. His offspring are available here.

And finally my favourites - the goats!

I was particularly keen to see the new Moulin Roty goat. She is a brand new breed and her kids will not be available to buy until September...


 (My favourite photo as the lovely girl on the left is spitting image of my girls)

So, all in all I had a lovely day out. Oh and I must just mention one particular highlight - a woman  with a an otter sleeping up her jumper. Yes really. Photographic evidence below...

 Amazingly, this one isn't photoshopped

 If you too would like to keep an otter up your jumper, this one definitely won't nip.

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