Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Sylvain the travelling rabbit - "On the road again..."

Well it's been quite some time since his last adventure and after a few months resting and helping out in the Cottontails office, Sylvain the Travelling Rabbit is back on the road...

Sylvain: on the road again

Truth is he's been languishing in the office for ages, waiting for me to sort out some new destinations, so imagine my delight / relief when Sarah from Brighton emailed me today, out of the blue, offering to host him. Wonderful. Thank you Sarah! 

So... Sylvain has already packed his suitcase, and he is off today on the overnight train (first class post) for a few days down on the south coast. 

And after Brighton... who knows...! Perhaps he could come and stay with you? 

If you would like to host him please email me...  His needs are simple... I just ask that you take a photo or two (or a hundred!) so I can share his adventures, and that you send him back to me or on to his next destination. He has a passport and is more than happy to travel overseas too.... 

So if you fancy taking care of a very well behaved bunny for a week or so - just let me know. So far his diary is blank, so if you want him - he's yours! 

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