Friday, 22 January 2016

What's new for Maileg spring 2016?

As I wrote in my last post, I have recently returned from Top Drawer trade fair (read all about what a trade fair is here) where I had a good look at all the lovely new things Maileg are bringing out for spring and Easter 2016.

Here is a little summary of my favourites - this is all new, forthcoming stock which will be in stock at Cottontails Baby as soon as it is released in the UK - with everything due between February and May.

There are plenty of new Mini and Medium sized bunnies due out this season and I have the following on order:
New mini sized bunnies will join the current collection (view here) Spring 2016

New medium sized bunnies will join the current collection  (view here) this spring 

Here they are having a little sit down at Top Drawer

A lifestyle shot from the new catalogue - I love it! 

Okay so on to mice and there are rather a lot of them on their way! To join the existing range of matchbox mice there are a collection of Big Sister and Big Brother mice in matchboxes, new Little Sisters and Little Brothers, a pair of twins AND a rather lovely little naked mouse called Lomus. Have a look at them all below...

Here's Cousin Lomus - he is naked! Somebody must buy him and clothe him immediately!

Lots of new matchbox mice coming this spring - if you can't wait for these, see the current collection here 

Look! New Maileg baby twins! Due March / April I think...

Turning now to mice accessories, there are some really sweet little suitcase sets availavle - a medical suitcase, a little boy's suitcase (with two outfits and some tooth care things - a mouse's teeth are vital and must be well maintained) and a little girl's suitcase with a dressing up ballerina clothes set. There is also a new empty suitcase tin in a gorgeous new floral design (which matches some Easter napkins - more on that in a moment) 
Medical Suitcase for mice (just look at the size of that pill!!) - due in May but I do have some doctor bunnies in stock now (view here) for anyone needing urgent medical attention

Little Boy Mouse overnight suitcase - and here's naked Cousin Lomus again, he needs something to wear...

Ballerina suitcase tin - due in May 

I had a little play at Top Drawer and found Cousin Lomus eyeing up the ballet clothes... 


New to the Maileg range of pretty tins - this one will be coming in May but see the current range available now  

And now news of something completely new from Maileg for this spring... meet the Best Friends - three fabric animals (bunny, cat, dog) with Liberty fabric ears who come naked but in LOVELY gift boxes, and then - necessarily! - a range of outfits made specially for them. Please note these outfits will NOT fit other Maileg bunnies - they belong only to the new gang, the Best Friends. They are all arriving in May...

The brand new Best Friends range from Maileg - launching in the UK May 2016

Best Friend bunny with Liberty ears 

A whole new wardrobe designed especially for the Best Friends 

Lovely lifestyle shot from Maileg showing off the new Best Friends

Finally, a few new accessories - tins, bunting, napkins to add some Maileg style to a birthday party or Easter tea, and a couple of extra items I REALLY love - check out the bunny bag! 

Tins (come with or without flag bunting) and three lovely new napkin designs

Bunny bag - quite big, book bag size - and some accessories - I can't wait for these to arrive in May!

Lovely Maileg lifestyle shot showing the new 'school' inspired accessories

Oh! And just one last thing which made me smile... The Truffle Pigs  (view here) have had a baby! Truffle Piglet is due in May...

This is a pretty good introduction to all the new stuff I will be getting at Cottontails (to go along with the huge existing range of course) but to see everything else you can download and view the new Spring Summer catalogue on the Maileg website.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Top Drawer 2016 - and what is a trade fair?

"What exactly is a trade fair?" people often ask when I say I'm heading down to Top Drawer, or Pulse, or up to the NEC for the Spring Fair.

Simply put, it's like shopping for shops. Trade fairs are where retailers go to view products and place orders.

They're not open to the public (you have to register in advance and tell them about your business, so they know you are a legitimate buyer and not just somebody trying to do a bit of personal shopping) and in fact it's impossible to buy anything there and then - it's all about placing orders to be delivered in the future.

They're also incredibly inspiring and happy events. For retailers like me, who work alone, or even for those in small high street shops, it's just lovely to escape the shop / office and meet other people with a similar vision. It reminds me that I'm part of something bigger.

It's also a chance to see samples of all the new things coming on to the market - so it's pretty exciting.

Sunday just gone I traveled down to London for one of my favourites - Top Drawer. Held at Olympia it's a pretty beautiful, discerning fair - to my mind it's the best fair for seeing all the nicest, most inspiring manufacturers together, and there are lots of smaller companies too so it's a great place to find new suppliers.

Back in the office I'm sorting through the bits and bobs I picked up, and below are some of my highlights...

Some of the catalogues and samples I collected

Back in the office and working through the show guide  

Moulin Roty - always a *joy* to visit
(and I had a nice cup of tea with Tim, the UK head of Moulin Roty)

The Maileg stand - separate post coming up about their new collection

Some inspiring displays...

...and it's great to touch and feel the products 

Finally, one of my favourite new finds - these guys make the loveliest linen children's aprons