Saturday, 19 March 2016

Easter Treats for your boiled eggs and soldiers

Today's collection of Easter Treats centers on Easter Eggs. Not the chocolate ones, but lovely little egg cups and cosies to use when you're having your boiled egg and soldiers...

a. Oak bunny egg cup £20 from Hop and Peck

b. Egg cosies in a little bag  £8 from Belle & Boo

c. Felted lambswool bunny cosy £13.50 from Catherine Tough

d. Linen egg cosy £12 from Charlotte Macey

e. Clever little toadstool egg cup from Maileg available to order from me as part of a set - email me for details  

Oh! A little update - I have just been browsing on the Catherine Tough website again (I am hankering after a pair of socks) and have just realised the bunny egg cosy (c, above) also comes in a little gift set with an egg cup. It's really lovely, and only £20. So I'm adding it to my selection!

 Catherine Tough handmade lambswool egg cosy gift set, £20

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