Saturday, 3 June 2017

Happy and Sad

This is a happy and sad post. But don't worry, the sad bit happened a long time ago now so I'm okay.


Say hello to Ralph!

I would like to introduce everyone to the lovely Ralph, the latest member to join the 'team' (i.e. me) at Cottontails.... in fact Ralph has been with me for some months now, I just haven't launched him on the world before now because hand in hand with introducing Ralph is writing sad news about dear Rudolph, and I just haven't felt up to that really. More on that in a bit.

Ralph is an ADORABLE rabbit. Of course he is a rescue bunny - he was 'unwanted' by his previous owner (what a bloody fool she was) and left at a rescue centre, a subsequent re-homing attempt failed and back he went to rescue again before he came to me. But despite his difficult start he is the friendliest, most relaxed rabbit I have ever known. A truly lovely little chap. And as you can see, he is settling in nicely!

On door duty

Supper time

As I said, he is the most relaxed rabbit I have ever met!

An unfortunate fondness for my sitting on my desk

Now of course, those of you who have been following Cottontails for a while will perhaps be thinking, what about Rudolph?

Very, very sadly I lost Rudolph a long while ago now - it was last year - but I just couldn't face writing about it at the time.

It was heartbreaking.

In a matter of hours he went from being a happy, healthy little chap into becoming desperately ill. I had been away for the day, and returned home late at night to find him clearly feeling very poorly. I called the vet and rushed him down at midnight... overnight they did everything they could but he passed away the following morning. It was a terrible shock, he was only five years old.

Rabbits are such delicate creatures really. Their digestive systems in particular. Rudolph had a case of something called 'bloat' where something (a sudden obstruction? we don't know) stalled his digestion and the fermenting food in his gut caused a gas build up. He was fine and happy at the lunchtime, critically ill just a few hours later.

Rudolph was the first rabbit I had lost quite so suddenly in this way. In the past, all my beloved rabbits have become ill gradually, usually as part of getting older. Of course that is challenging in itself. But this was brutal and I just couldn't write about it.

But that was a eight months ago now, and since then lovely, friendly, funny Ralph has moved in and makes me smile countless times every day.

So over the coming weeks and months, expect to see him gracing the pages of Facebook and Instagram.

And if you have a beloved pet - go and give them a cuddle right now, and appreciate every day with them - because you just never know. 

Dear Rudolph


Anonymous said...

Rudolph was a real character, and such an important part of your family. He is missed by many. Restored back to health at Rainbow Bridge. xxxx

Charlotte said...

Thank you xx

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh so sorry about Rudolph, that must have been a horrible shock

but welcome Ralph, who looks adorable!