Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Christmas is coming, the goose is going shopping....

I know it's a bit early, but I spotted mince pies in the Co-op the other day, so I thought it would be nice to take a peek at the forthcoming Christmas offerings from Moulin Roty and Maileg this year.

This is just a very small selection of what is coming, but it gives you a flavour... and it should all begin arriving in the next two or three weeks, so watch this space.

From Moulin Roty we have some new festive Grand Family decorations, some wonderful present ideas from their Memoire d'Enfant range, and  few old favourites that do well (i.e. sell out!) pretty much every year. Here is a glimpse:

Moulin Roty Grand Family advent calendar and decorations

Lovely new gift set of Sylvain and Nini in their own house

Brand new classic rabbit and mouse family - meet The Mirabelles

Old favourites - carpentry, tea and sewing sets

You can flick through the Moulin Roty UK Christmas catalogue here - it's not everything they do but gives you a good flavour. I will be stocking most things, but if there is something you particularly want, do get in touch as I can probably order it in for you. 

And now on to Maileg, which I will split into the departments I use on my website...

Decorations and Festive things - I'm stocking LOTS of pigs this year, plus there will be a new crop of mischievous pixies arriving soon (uh-oh!) and some lovely decorations, cards and accessories

Pixies, napkins, decorations

Pigs! Decorations, wooden, candle holders, fabric...

Bunnies - a few new arrivals and the lovely angel bunnies

Bunny and a few accessories - wellness set and tea and biscuits

Angels - many sizes and types flying in

Mice - how great are these new superheros? Plus a plethora of new arrivals scampering in soon

Mice, clothing and suitcases


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Gida said...

They all look so eye catching and gorgeous, I can barely conceal my excitement at all the new arrivals. Wish I had lots of small children to buy them for but my grandchildren are now getting past that age of cuteness. However, I do believe that my granddaughter would love some of the new goodies, even though she is 16. I introduced her to the range years ago but she is still in love with them luckily!