Tuesday, 30 January 2018

After a fallow few years.... the Cottontails Kitchen Garden is BACK!

It's been eight years since I first created the Cottontails Kitchen Garden, a little project to market the children's gardening equipment I stocked, and since then much has changed - not least we have moved house so I had to wave goodbye to the original raised beds. But... Moulin Roty have just released a new gardening catalogue, Le Jardin du Moulin, and I've decided -  the time has come to dig again!

So - it's a new year, a new location, a great new space to work with not far from my back door, and plans are afoot to once again enlist the help of the fabric animals to grow veg, fruit, herbs and flowers and then come summer / autumn we'll be harvesting and cooking with our haul.

Before I begin, I thought you might want to revisit what I did before - and looking back I feel so proud - I really GREW THINGS! And believe me, I am no natural gardener. So here is a link to a few of the posts I wrote back in 2010, the first time round, and a few of the pictures from back then too...

This time round I have decided it would be wise to enlist a bit of help - and given his superior digging skills and general affinity with any and every veg patch, there's only one man rabbit for that role. Introducing Head Gardener, Sylvain Rabbit. 

Here he is this very morning, with his new domain in the background behind him... and it seems we have the perfect soil for snowdrops.


Over the coming weeks Sylvain and I will be making plans, planting seeds, digging, raking, scratching our heads, grumbling about the soil and all the usual stuff. We'll also be taking delivery of the beautiful new Moulin Roty gardening and wild activities range and having a go at everything - pressing flowers, catching minibeasts, the lot. 

In the meantime, here he is in his natty gardener's jumper checking out the new Moulin Roty gardening catalogue.  With a cup of tea and a carrot, of course.

So 2018 is going to be a wonderful year of gardening and cookery for Cottontails. I am so excited!