Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sunday Afternoon in the Snow

It's Snow Day Four here at Cottontails Baby HQ, but it's much milder outside, so this afternoon Sylvain decided to venture outside - and to take baby Maileg bunny for her first ever play in the snow.

Firstly he donned his thick woolly jumper and headed outside to check on the Cottontails Kitchen Garden. Hmmm. Not a lot to see there. (Although rumour has it there are a few of last year's leeks buried under that snow - just in case we run out of food in the store cupboard.)

Satisfied it's not TOO cold, Sylvain wraps up Baby Maileg Bunny in a cosy blanket (thank you to my mum for knitting this!)...

...and Baby Maileg Bunny has his first ever glimpse at the snow

With Baby bunny safely back in the warm, Sylvain checks out the perimeter. It will be another day or so before we can get out, he thinks.... 

... unless he gets the tractor going and uses it to clear the drifts? But he struggles to reach the peddles so decides against this idea.
Then time for a bit of tree climbing before heading back inside for hot chocolates and a toasted teacake...

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