Monday, 15 April 2019

This beautiful book - Through the Kitchen Window by Susan Hill

About two years ago I was in Hay on Wye with my father, and he bought me this beautiful book - Through the Kitchen Window by Susan Hill.

I had never seen it or heard of it before we stumbled upon it in the corner of a dusty shop - but I loved it immediately.

"Through the kitchen window we glimpse a magical world - a world where each season brings its particular pleasures, from summer picnics to Christmas, from spring cleaning to making herbal remedies for winter ills"

It is both a practical companion and a celebration of country living. Traditional recipes and rituals gathered together by Susan Hill have been brought to life with gentle illustration by Angela Barrett.

It's kind of a children's book for grown ups. What a perfect thing.

My copy is very special to me - because my father bought it for me, because it is a first edition, because it somehow speaks to me.

I thought I would share it with you, through the year.

The book begins with winter, but we're beginning with spring...

"Spring Cleaning
On the first day of spring, whenever that may be, any day of March, April or May, the sky is swept clear of cloud and rain and winter murk, the morning sun shines in through the kitchen window, and there is a little warmth in it."

"Turn out the cupboards, sweep to the back, clearing out all the debris of spilled rice and sugar...."

Rhubarb... it is the least troublesome of fruits to grow; it will settle very happily at the bottom of any patch"

"Easter weather is unpredictable, because the celebration may fall anywhere between late March and the end of April. But weather nor'easterly gales howl or there is a balmy breeze and pale sunshine, there are certain dishes which will always be eaten with pleasure"

Easter biscuits

(we're going to have to make them, aren't we!)